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6 Easy Flavored Whiskey Cocktails That Will Get The Party Started Faster

You don’t have to go to bar school to throw a party. With Bird Dog Whiskey, the flavor is right in the liquor, leaving you freed up to Be The Party! And there's so many flavors to choose from — there's a little something for everyone!

1. Black Cherry Limeade Cocktail Recipe

Bird Dog Black Cherry Flavored Whiskey along with fruit and a cocktail in a glass

2. Rose Bowl

Bird Dog Apple Flavored Whiskey on a county next to an apple and a cocktail in a glass

3. Activated

Bird Dog Strawberry Flavored Whiskey on a cutting table next to a cocktail in a glass and some fruit

4. Caramel Apple Whiskey

Bird Dog Salted Caramel Flavored Whiskey next to a cocktail in a glass on a kitchen counter

5. The Dude Drink

Bird Dog Peanut Butter Flavored Whiskey on a porch next to some peanuts

6. Whiskey Punch

All imagery and recipes provided by Bird Dog Whiskey

Making a tasty, fun drink doesn’t have to be alchemy, especially if you have Bird Dog Flavored Whiskey. And there's a flavor for every type of vibe, so you can #BeTheParty!

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