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18 Signs You're Addicted To Shopping

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1. You've caught yourself shopping in bed when you should have been asleep.

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2. You have your credit card number memorized.

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3. You know exactly what types of clothes, accessories, and makeup look best on you.

4. You have uttered these words while standing in front of your full closet:

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5. You have mastered the fine art of carrying as many shopping bags as possible...

6. ...even when your legs feel like total jelly.


From a long day of shopping, of course.

7. This is your motto:

8. You own your favorite garments in multiple colors and varieties...

9. ...and new makeup is your jam.

10. You think of flash sales as a serious competition.

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11. This is one of your favorite things to see, ever:

12. This is your doorstep on a regular basis:

13. Your homepage is a retailer.

14. You've traveled long distances just to shop.

15. The lack of Saturday deliveries is the bane of your existence.

16. Shopping is your ultimate form of therapy.

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17. Sometimes you just feel like this:

18. But it's OK, because you have ALL THE THINGS.