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11 One-Sided Conversations You've Definitely Had With Your Skin

It's easy to talk to your skin when it seems to have a mind of its own. Keep your skin clean and beautiful with Bioré® Skincare.

1. "I had no idea you would change so much in my twenties. Can you stop?"

2. "OK, hold on...mosquito bite or pimple?"

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3. "Sorry for doing this." *puts on more makeup to refresh old makeup*

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4. "Do you even care about primer?"

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5. *small zit appears* "I DO SO MUCH FOR YOU, AND THIS IS WHAT I GET?"

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6. "Blackheads, least there's some diversity in my pores."

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7. "Why must you break out whenever I eat the things I love?"

8. *racking brain* "What did I do to deserve this amount of sebum production?"

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9. "I just think it's funny how my T-zone is basically just my entire face."

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10. "Why are you being so flaky?"

11. *studies used pore strip* "Thank you."

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