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11 Frantic GIFs That Are So You Before A First Date

Love happens when you least expect it. Also sometimes when you swiped right enough times. Of course, being fresh-faced with the help of Bioré® Skincare doesn't hurt either.

1. Busting out of work at 5:59 because you know you need the extra time to get ready to ~shine~.

2. Picking the right outfit that looks good without looking like you tried to look good.

3. Cursing your skin for being temperamental and uncooperative with your dating schedule.

4. Remembering that you're going on a date with a stranger who might turn out to be an axe-murderer...or your future spouse.

5. Very quickly trying to put your face on.

6. Putting a little something in the tank when you don't have enough time to eat.

7. Leaving on time but waiting for 20 minutes on a hot platform for your train.

8. Continuously checking to see if your lips are chapped.

9. Speed-reading your messages for talking points and so you don't come off like some serial-dating jerk.

10. Trying to control your shine last minute to make the best non-greasy impression possible.

11. Getting to the restaurant and not being able to see a friggin' thing...

...and then trying to find someone you've literally seen five pictures of.

Dating is hard. Don't make it any harder. Take clogged pores off your list of worries with Bioré® Skincare.