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I AM GROOT (The Many Roles Of TAs)

I AM GROOT. (Many, if not most classes, have TAs. TAs (or "Teaching Assistants") work with the professor to provide a myriad of services and resources to ensure the success of the students. Here's how they can help you:)

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I AM GROOT (The Lab Instructor)

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I AM GROOT. (Very common in science courses. Lab TAs will provide instruction, and information, along side answering any questions that may arise during the experiment period.)

I AM GROOT (Seminar Leader)

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I AM GROOT. (Often review information from lecture. Serves as a period where additional questions can be answered. Smaller class settings can be more comfortable for shy students.)

I AM GROOT (The Marker)

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I AM GROOT. (Self explanatory. Marker TAs are a common breed. They directly assist the instructor with marking and evaluating assignments. They can also be found outside class hours, host their own office hours in which additional follow up questions can be asked.)

I AM GROOT (The Content Expert)

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I AM GROOT. (TAs have taken your classes before. If you have any additional questions, they'll almost certainly be able to answer them there and then. Feel free to send them an email, visit them after class, or during office hours.)

I AM GROOT (The Lecture Assistant)

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I AM GROOT. (Often substitute for the lecturer. They'll teach, answer questions, host review periods, and tend to the students' needs (if they're nice!).)

I AM GROOT (The Invigilator)

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I AM GROOT. (What is an "invigilator"? Answer: the people walking around during exams. They serve to answer questions (believe it or not). They check for cheating.)

I AM GROOT (And now you know what TAs do.)

I AM GROOT. (Long and short: They answer questions. Never be afraid to ask a question to a TA. The vast majority of learning happens outside of class.)

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