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101 Thoughts I Had While Watching Frozen For The First Time

Disney's Frozen came out a little over a year ago. I have heard conflicting reviews about the film but never took the time to watch it. The movie was recently offered at my local library, which gave me the opportunity to sit down and watch.

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1.The intro is very Lilo and Stitch-esq but colder…

2.After all these years, the Disney "D" still doesn't look like a "D" to me.

3.I'm probably one of the only people who are happier to see a Walt Disney Animated movie, rather than Pixar.

4.Snow always looks so beautiful in movies, when in reality it is awful.

5.The ice cutters' song sounds like every other deep voice man song in Disney history.

6."Break the frozen heart"… Okay?

7.Why is a little boy in a place where these men are singing about how dangerous it is? #BadParenting

8.If I woke up my sister like this, she would be pissed.

9.Even if I wanted to build a magical snowman with her.

10.How long has Elsa had these powers? Always?

11.Does she have the power to make the snow warm? Because these kids should

be more bundled up.

12.Okay, she hurt her sister and already killed Olaf. Girl sucks, thus far.

13.Guess the snow is cold. Come on Elsa… You could have told your sister to put on a jacket.

14.This kid is confused by Ice? Does he not know the movie he's in?

15.Trolls? What? This guy is the king of trolls?

16.Toy trolls are cuter

17.This is too much responsibility for a daughter of a troll king

18.She can't see anyone now?

19.Girl is going to need some major therapy.

20."Okay, bye" is the best line for a song

21.Ana is super weird. Can't she make friends with the troll kids or the random kid who keeps showing up?

22.I'm sure they would make for better conversation than the pictures on the walls.

23.Elsa needs to chill.

24.This is what over protective parenting does to children.

25.Parents are dead, probably a good thing. Is that bad to say?

26.Oh, now they are old. Ana is still singing to Elsa's door.

27.Will she ever give up?

28.Dude, Elsa can't leave. She is a hermit now. Go outside and make some friends.

29.Has Elsa even said a word to her this entire time?

30.Yes, you did say that out loud.

31.Ana needs to stop partying before big events. Nobody likes a hung-over


32.Wait. She snapped back fast…

33.Does she ever stop singing?

34.Glad puberty finally hit for Ana so she can talk about something besides snowmen for once

35.Is this ceremony the first time Elsa and Ana have seen each other since they were children?

36.Isn't the fact that Elsa hasn't used her powers in years going to make her powers harder to control? Did she ever practice?

37.Aw. They are bonding. <3

38.Dude is the best dancer. I didn't know a toupee could move like that.

39.He loves crazy? Keep him, Ana. He's perfect for you.

40.I didn't see them share a sandwich. Did I miss something?

41.They are super optimistic about their relationship that only started hours ago.

42.They are getting married? What? The party isn't even over. They are both nuts. Something is weird here.

43.Elsa is the only voice of reason.

44.Ana, stop starting trouble.

45.See what you did?!

46.Where are the trolls when you need them?

47.Sucks when the fans block your get-a-way. This is probably how Beyoncé feels.

48.Totally should have practiced your powers. Oh, god.

49.Elsa is a hot mess.

50.See what you did Ana? Now Elsa is gone for good. She was only trying to protect you!

51.What is wrong with it snowing there? Aren't there reindeer? They need cold weather, right? So confused.

52.Ana, your sister has hurt you. Someone needs to catch this girl up on her history.

53.How does she know where her sister is going?

54.Elsa is stuck with the Michael Jackson one glove look now. Thanks, Ana. SMH

55.I was wrong. No more gloves. Definitely for the best. Look at that outfit!

56.Elsa loves her powers now.

57.At least Elsa gets to be a hermit in a cooler castle. Pun intended

58.Sells ice for a living? LOLz

59.Reindeer are better than humans.

60.Wow. Nice to hear someone else who understands crazy. Why did you get

engaged so fast, Ana? Don't trust strangers!

61.All men pick their nose and eat it? I need to investigate this.

62.He doesn't trust her judgment. Makes sense. This is what a real man looks like. Forget the nose picking thing.

63.Sled explodes. That's what always happens when you finish payments! Should have bought a higher insurance premium!

64.Haha. Kristoff is right. Olaf is super creepy. Back from the dead and head continuously detaching from body. Omg!

65.Olaf is so rude for not remembering Ana. She's only been singing about you her whole life! Show some respect!

66.Olaf needs to have someone teach him about his own mortality.

67.You're right, Kristoff. Someone has got to tell him! Yes, it will be soul crushing,

but the truth will set him free!

68.Ana has no right to judge anyone. Girl is nuts.

69.Of course she knows how to knock. C'mon. There's nothing she does better.

70.Elsa is having a snow panic attack now. Stop, Ana!

71.Look what you did, again! Ugh.

72.LOL. Snow monster is weirdly hilarious.

73.Okay, she's right. It is not nice to throw people…

74.Is Olaf continuously falling apart supposed to be cute? It's freaking me out.

75.Elsa needs some serious therapy. They both do. Maybe they can go on Dr. Phil together.

76.Kristoff is NOT crazy. Have some faith.

77.See? They're not rocks. They are trolls!

78.These trolls are pretty mean to Kristoff. He needs to make new friends.

79.Whoa. Ana did not sign up to fix another basket case. She has enough problems.

80.Wow, these people, I mean trolls, do not take no for an answer.

81.Olaf is so excited to be a part of the team.

82.That's a snow monster. Weapons can't destroy him, unless you brought a flame thrower.

83.Elsa is just trying to mind her own business. Stop shooting arrows at her.

84.Crush that bitch, Elsa. You got this.

85.Okay, prince is right, don't be a monster.

86.Except, since when does defending yourself make you a monster?

87.Of course she needs a true love's kiss to make her warm. That solves all

problems. Right?

88.OMG! Hans doesn't love her!? He's the villain! I should have seen this coming.

89.This is what happens when you trust strangers!

90.Should have married Kristoff in the troll land when you had the chance!

91.Ana makes a beautiful ice sculpture.

92.Yay! Act of true love---Between sisters! Not men!

93.Wow! Disney, way to evolve!

94.So impressed by Disney's choices with this one!

95.Can't believe I'm happy that Olaf is not going to melt…

96.You tell him, Ana! Dude is THE worst!

97.What a cool sled. And it has a cup holder?! What could be better?

98.You want to kiss her, Kristoff? Your mean troll friends would be so proud!

99.Uh, oh. Olaf has allergies. Nothing a little reindeer love can't cure.

100.Never closing the gates again. <3

101.I'm not crying. I have allergies, like Olaf. I need a tissue.

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