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6 Culturally Vibrant Brands You Should Follow On Instagram

Culture is beauty.

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1. Project 96

Instagram: @p

P96 is a brand created by Petahjay who's love of fashion and his upbringing in Lagos, NIgeria has allowed him to create a brand that screams the beauty that is his heritage. The brand has created a platform for 'creatives and innovators' and gives the message 'everyone in life has a project to fulfill.'

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2. Oye Shea Butter Skino

Oye Shea Butter is a beauty product that is organic and made naturally from Shea Nuts from Nigeria. The Shea Butter renews and hydrates both skin and hair. The brand created by Tolu Oye is helping to make women feel confident in their skin.

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3. Kanya London

Kanya London describes their brand as 'Sophisticated Saree-Wear'. The brand created by Sahani Gunasekara. The designs are simply gorgeous and bring the cultural clothing to the western world.

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4. Artelexia

Artelexia is a brand that creates Mexican gifts, art and home decor. It was created by the father-daughter team Andres and Elexia De La Parra and throughout their brand we see the Mexican heritage in it's glory.

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5. Alerojasmine

Instagram: @alerojasmine

Alerojasmine is a handmade clothing line which is inspired by African heritage and travels. The brand created by Nigerian student Aasiyah is filled with intricate patterns, bright colours and a whole lot of style.

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6. Glimour Jewellery

Instagram: @glimour_jewellery

Glimour is a jewellery brand the creates handmade Indian pieces. The statement pueces give an glamorous feel to every look and incorporates the culture beautifully.

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RAGGEDYTIFF is a brand created by Jessica Resendíz that shows the Mexican culture beautifully with items from jewelry to apparel and allows the vibrant Mexican culture to be worn in style.

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Azha creates jewelry using the Arabic language and shows the beauty of culture and spirituality. The patterns are made from sound waves of Quranic scriptures and brings beauty to everything you wear.

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