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    15 Things Literally Every Fast Food Worker Hates With A Burning Passion

    "Can I have 10 different sauces for my small fries?"

    1. When you ask a customer "Can I take your order?" in the drive-through and they reply "Hello?"

    2. "This is too expensive. When I went to the other store it wasn't this pricey."

    3. When they're too extra with their coffee order.

    4. When someone wants to pop off and say "I earn more than all of you combined."

    5. When a customer has to pay and doesn't have their money ready.

    6. When someone orders small fries and a cheeseburger, but asks for three of each sauce.

    7. When the order is paid and has gone through and then they want to ask to change up the way it's made.

    8. When a customer sees you wiping a table down, but leaves their tray of mess for you to deal with.

    9. "I've been waiting in this line too long, I should get a free burger."

    10. When someone gets the food from the drive-through window and questions things they didn't ask for.

    11. When people order something small and then walk away.

    12. When a group of people make a huge order in the drive-through but get to the window and want to pay separately.

    13. When someone has had half of something and then complains.

    14. When the store is closed, yet customers bang on the window thinking it'll change something.

    15. But we all know, fast food jobs will have your fake smile on lock.

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