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14 Hairstyles You'll Want To Try This Summer

If I gotta do my hair this summer, I'ma make it look sexy.

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1. A long bob:

Via Instagram: @

This cute style is easy to do and frames your face perfectly.

4. Glitter hair:

Via Instagram: @thecharlotteiveson

This look will definitely make you stand out and shine!


5. Ponytail and beads:

Via Instagram: @jennifermcking

This hairstyle is our childhood days made edgy and cool!

6. Shaved side:

Instagram: @shaelina_martin

Shaved styles always look badass.

7. Flower accessories: / Via Instagram: @modern_day_esther

Flowers = Summer joy. It's true, look it up.


10. Pastel ombré: / Via Instagram: @

Why not incorporate the colors of summer in your hair?

11. Half up, half down: / Via Instagram: @

If you can't decide what to do, just do both!

12. Pigtails:

Instagram: @simisear_

These are never, not cute.


13. Big curls:

Instagram: @_summerella_

This style is glamorous and always looks expensive!

14. Accessorized braids:

Instagram: @kersti

This gives us old school, Alicia Keys vibes.

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