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12 Artists You Should Follow On Instagram

Artistically Pleasing

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Instagram: @illustration315

We love the work that Sevelle Visuals makes and especially love it when we get to see the process.


Instagram: @theartofdreams

We love checking out the theartofdreams page and seeing amazing drawings of our favourite celebrities, characters and YouTubers.


Instagram: @duchess365

We love the work that Olivia creates and how cute she makes everyone look with her trademark - drawing huge eyes.


Instagram: @nilsbritwum

We love the animation style and the little story lines we get to see when we look at Nils' work.


Instagram: @hayden_williams

Everyone has heard of the extremely talented Hayden Williams and we all have wished at least once that we owned the clothes he draws.


Instagram: @emzdrawings

For someone who is self taught we are amazed at how detailed and beautiful the at the artwork Emilia has created.


Instagram: @deeecreates

We love the art David creates and the videos he posts showing the process.


Instagram: @nataliamadej

Natalia creates awesome pieces on her page and we definitely want to invade the wardrobes of all the characters she creates.


Instagram: @shanchansen

From her page we can see how talented Shannon is when drawing our favourite people!


Instagram: @hnicholsillustration

We love all the intricate details in Holly includes in her drawings and the looks she creates.


Instagram: @viteloi

We love how cool the character's Eloi creates are! They're sexy, stylish and stay looking badass!


Instagram: @dorihee

We love the artistic style that we see in dorihee's creations. From the 90s styles to the cool characters, dorihee's page is a nostalgic paradise.

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