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    10 Times We Had To Appreciate The Du-Rag.

    If you can't appreciate the DU, what are you really DUing?

    1. When we got to see the fancy du you only pull out for special events.

    2. When the du came with it's own accessories.

    3. When this cat was in awe of this du.

    4. When the sun needed tips on how to shine as bright as this du.

    5. When we almost couldn't see the du but it caught our eye last minute.

    6. When the baby blue du flaps were left swinging.

    7. When the durag was a part of the Gucci gang.

    8. When this silk Emerald City du was pulled out.

    9. When this du had the ability to clear skin and lengthen eyelashes.

    10. When the diamond du's almost had us blinded.

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