Ranking Charli XCX Songs By How Much They Make Me Want To Break Up With My Perfectly Good Partner

    Are you also an absolute nightmare to date?

    10. "Sorry If I Hurt You"

    charli wears a bikini, blood on her face, kneeling over the hood of a car while looking into the windshield

    9. "Forever"

    charli xcx lays on a duvet, just wearing her underwear. she wears no makeup

    8. "Backseat"

    carly rae jepsen and charli xcx stand next to each other and smile

    7. "Used To Know Me"

    charli xcx is dressed in a corset and large skirt and large, tall, 1900s-era wig. she sings and sits on a metal chair

    6. "Out of My Head"

    charli wears a tank top and long-sleeved velvet arm warmers. she has a shoulder-length bob cut with bangs and hides behinds her hands

    5. "Dreamer"

    charli has her hair slicked back and wears a spaghetti strap dress. she kneels down and her head is resting on her hand.

    4. "Good Ones"

    charli kneels on a steel beam and crawls toward the camera

    3. "Blame It on U"

    charli wears a dress that is half-hoodie, half-long parka. she holds tall roses and her hair is slightly curled

    2. "Hot In It"

    charli wears a spaghetti strap dress, her hair curled and up in a ponytail. she is mid-singing

    1. Hot Girl

    charli wears a crop top and sunglasses while sitting inside on a leather couch