The 13 Worst Things Restaurants Have Used Instead Of Plates

We want plates. Not slates. Not tiles. Plates. H/T @WeWantPlates.

Why did restaurants start doing this to us? What happened to plates? We loved plates.

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1. The Bread Slippers of Switzerland™.

It’s bread. Inside slippers.

2. This wooden board spread, which includes thick-cut chips in a tiny shopping trolley.

Cleanup in aisle ARRRRGHHHH

3. This fish and chips served in a garden box, with mushy peas in a flowerpot and tartare sauce in a watering can.

A pox on your house!

4. This unconventional butter dish.

Shout out to Mr Muscle bathroom cleaner.

5. This…thing.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. #wewantplates

— We Want Plates (@WeWantPlates)

Look at your life. Look at your choices.

6. This rosemary-sprig-garnished fever dream.

*blinks* "@Billy_Bell99: @simon_price01 @WeWantPlates Remember that time they served bangers & mash in a wine glass? ”

— We Want Plates (@WeWantPlates)

Yes, but…why?

7. This affront to serious gardeners everywhere.

I wish @Quoink hadn't pointed this out but she did, u suffer you suffer, mushrooms served on a fucking trowel

— Phinky (@CardinalPhink)

“Ye go too far.”

8. This picnic bench which deserves to be rained on.

.@WeWantPlates "Our classic afternoon tea, served on a traditional picnic bench. Plant pots, buckets, jars"

— Benjamin Jones (@jonesyb)

9. This regional delicacy: bread in a flat cap.

Bread in a flat cap, Yorkshire @WeWantPlates

— Marina O'Loughlin (@MarinaOLoughlin)

“Our secret ingredient is…head sweat.”

10. Are these potato croquettes in some sort of silicone shoe?

Strangely enough this isn't the first time I've been served food in a shoe! Thanks @joseandres @bazaarLA

— Robin Slonina (@RobinSlonina)

It’s not even the first time this person’s been served food in a shoe. *weeps*

11. This sizzling brunch skillet plonked directly on to the table.

Eliza Flynn / Via

12. This blatant disrespect for health and safety guidelines.

Steak in the theme of American Psycho; served on a meat cleaver! #food #Budapest

— Paul Philpott (@kickboxerlad)

13. This salad served on a plate, yes, but crucially, under a wine glass.

Of all the things mentioned in that piece, this is surely the most ludicrous: Salad Under A Wine Glass @WeWantPlates

— Rhodri Marsden (@rhodri)


What’s the worst thing you’ve been served food on/in?

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Bim Adewunmi is a senior culture writer for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York City.
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