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    67 Nigerian Brides Just Killing The Wedding Game Right Now

    Because your guests need to know that you did not come here to play. H/T @BellaNaijaWeddings

    Nigerians love weddings.

    Across the hundreds of ethnic groups that make up the population, weddings are a chance to celebrate love – rejoicing in the joining of two people and their families – eat, drink and make merry.

    Mostly though, weddings are the perfect opportunity to stunt on lesser mortals – and Nigerians LOVE that.

    And no one brings the noise like Naija brides.


    See for yourself:

    1. Whether they're in white (or ivory, or cream, or champagne...)

    5. Look at this self-designed masterpiece:

    6. (And this closer view of it):

    16. Or "traditional" looks...

    19. They always bring it.

    22. They can rock blue.

    26. Green, too.

    28. Purple (and yellow).

    30. Purple (and silver).

    31. Red works too.

    33. Even black.

    34. All the colours are exquisite.

    38. And brides from different ethnic groups wear different things.

    40. They love a bit of coral.

    44. Here's a Hausa bride:

    45. And a Fulani bride:

    46. This Efik bride:

    47. And this Edo bride:

    48. Many (but not all) Nigerian Muslim brides wear a headscarf.

    52. Regardless of ethnic group, all Naija brides rock stunning make-up

    54. ***Flawless.

    55. Nigerian brides love a dramatic black and white photo.

    56. But don't forget: colour is king.

    65. Most of all: Nigerian brides make sure they have fun.

    67. TURN. UP.

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