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67 Nigerian Brides Just Killing The Wedding Game Right Now

Because your guests need to know that you did not come here to play. H/T @BellaNaijaWeddings

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Across the hundreds of ethnic groups that make up the population, weddings are a chance to celebrate love – rejoicing in the joining of two people and their families – eat, drink and make merry.

Mostly though, weddings are the perfect opportunity to stunt on lesser mortals – and Nigerians LOVE that.

And no one brings the noise like Naija brides.

1. Whether they're in white (or ivory, or cream, or champagne...)

5. Look at this self-designed masterpiece:

6. (And this closer view of it):

16. Or "traditional" looks...

34. All the colours are exquisite.

38. And brides from different ethnic groups wear different things.

40. They love a bit of coral.

48. Many (but not all) Nigerian Muslim brides wear a headscarf.

52. Regardless of ethnic group, all Naija brides rock stunning make-up

55. Nigerian brides love a dramatic black and white photo.

56. But don't forget: colour is king.

65. Most of all: Nigerian brides make sure they have fun.


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