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This Meme Mocking "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Is Just Fantastic

"My desires are unconventional...but my memes are flawless."

The Fifty Shades of Grey "Unconventional" meme has been on a slow burn on the internet for the last few months. You know the one: Christian Grey leans in and says, cryptically: "My tastes are very...singular" to which Anastasia Steele replies: "Enlighten me, then."

For memeification purposes, the dialogue has been altered slightly (Christian calls his interests/desires "unconventional" and Anastasia responds: "Show me") but the internet does its thing and supplies an incongruous image to go with the supposedly sexy talk. LOLs ensue.

Focus Features

In the final, feverish days before the movie goes on general release worldwide, things have kicked up a notch on Tumblr and Twitter. Here are some of our favourites:

This excellent fowl play.

"My desires are...unconventional." "Show me."

This politics/retail therapy one.

Focus Features / Siraj Datoo / BuzzFeed / Declan Cashin

This Rees-Mogg-flavoured special.

Focus Features / Ben Pruchnie / Getty / Hannah Jewell

This seasonal treat.

"My desires are... unconventional." "Show me."

Bim Adewunmi@bimadewFollow

"My desires are... unconventional."

"Show me."

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This dog at an alpaca orgy one.

Focus Features/Luke Lewis

This Tumblr inside joke one.


This ironing dog one.

Focus Features / Via

This NSFW "knob sock" delight.

Focus Features / Beretta / Sims / Rex/ Luke Lewis

This interpretative dance one.


This breaded cat one.

This face-swap horror one.

Gerald Penney / AP / White House Photographic Office / Public Domain / BuzzFeed / Via

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