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    • billyw9

      This story is also untrue regarding the band. Safari continued on as a band until November of 2010 (not 2008), 5 months before Nico was eventually arrested. Chris (Hoke) left the group and we continued on as a 3-piece, putting out an album and going on tour. This was the period where I could’ve provided the most insight regarding what really happened. I never gave up on Nico or thought he was “too unstable to continue”… Again it’s water under the bridge at this point. Nico will bounce back.

    • billyw9

      My name is Billy Webb, I’m in that picture of Nico and I’s band Safari on the far left.Iwas pretty much best friends with Nico from late 2008-late 2010 and probably know more about his downfall than anyone besides his girlfriend Kara…and that’s including his mom and dad (whoIthink are nice people).  Let me preface this with I’ve never done heroin, certainly knew he was doingalot of it and even saw him do it, and had no idea he was robbing banks. Nico isalarger than life character,agreat songwriter, certainlyawar hero andalargely misunderstood person.  There are so many more details to this story and it’s far more complicated than him getting “screwed by the government” and “not getting diagnosed with PTSD” but that doesn’t really matter now. One of my really good friends is in federal prison andIwon’t get to see him foralong time.
      Icould writeapiece twice as long as this on Nico and the real reasons behind what happened but if this story opens up people’s eyes to how real PTSD truly is (because he certainly did suffer from it) then it is mission accomplished by the author.Ialso concur it’s the best written piece I’ve ever seen on buzzfeed.

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