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    This Is How You Binge-Watch "House Of Cards" Season 2

    Because you weren't going to accomplish anything this President's Day weekend anyway.

    A push notification from Netflix alerts you that season two of "House of Cards" is now available!


    And a follow-up email confirms it!

    You immediately stock up on wine.

    CBS / Via

    You won't be leaving your house for a while...

    You avoid Facebook and Twitter for fear of seeing spoilers.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Although the few comments you've seen from single friends who had no Valentine's Day plans let you know the first episode is really good!

    You lie back, get comfortable, and dive right into Season 2.

    NBC / Via

    This is gonna be great!

    You immediately pause to brush up on what happened in the last few episodes of Season 1.

    Sony Pictures Classics / Via

    Wait, who's Raymond Tusk?

    And... you're ready to dive back in!

    NBC / Via

    This is really gonna be great!

    You think about how you can incorporate the dialogue into your everyday conversations.

    Netflix / Via

    So quotable!

    You blink, and then -- Zoe Barnes !!!!!

    Netflix / Via

    And suddenly you're hooked all over again.

    You need more wine!

    Universal Pictures / Via

    "Just hook it to my veins!"

    You pause to Google: "is the 'deep web' real?"

    MTV / Via

    It is!

    You immediately delete your search history for fear of government surveillance.


    Sorry, but the FBI isn't actually interested in knowing which YouTube videos you "accidentally clicked on."

    You consider stopping, but the next episode automatically starts playing.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Just one more...

    You pause to Google: "can senators really be arrested and forced to go to work?"


    They can! Just ask Bob Packwood.

    Suddenly there's no turning back -- the show has you by the balls.


    You cancel plans. You stop answering your phone. House of Cards is now in control of your life.

    You force yourself to stay awake for one more episode.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    It's getting so good!

    You pause to Google: "Zoe Barnes topless photos"

    Netflix / Via

    Just make sure you delete your search history after.

    The realization you only have a few episodes left sends you into a profound depression.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    But you can't stop now!

    You finally finish the season.

    CBS / Via

    It's over. You're free -- but at what cost?

    You question your life's meaning.

    Fox / Via

    Where do you go from here?

    You Google: "House of Cards Season 3 premiere date"

    AMC / Via

    It's gonna be a long wait...