The Top 10 TV Robots You Wish Were Your Best Friend

Because sometimes friendship requires an off switch.

10. Conky 2000 from “Pee-wee’s Playhouse”

Because the secret word at happy hour is “SHOTS!”

9. Vicki from “Small Wonder”

Because she can do your homework, mass produce burritos, and fart laughing gas, all while running on atomic power.

8. Robby the Robot from Various Shows

Because he can crush your enemies… although he may be a subtle indication that you’re in the twilight zone.

7. Rosie from “The Jetsons”

Because she’ll scrub your toilet.

6. Gypsy, Tom Servo, and Crow from “Mystery Science Theater 3000”

Because they’ll make clever wisecracks during Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

5. The Buffybot from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

Because she’s a life-sized sex toy who will do anything you want (duh).

4. K-9 from “Doctor Who”

Because man’s best friend should have a laser weapon in his nose.

3. Robot B-9 from “Lost in Space”

Because he’ll protect you from aliens, androids, and boy-hungry Dr. Smith.

2. Kevin from “Saved by the Bell”

Because his magic tricks will help you win the Miss Bayside beauty pageant.

1. Bender from “Futurama”

Because he’ll make you feel less guilty and self-conscious about your own drinking problem.

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