26 Things Grad Students Love

It doesn’t matter if they’re studying law, medicine, business, or getting a Ph.D. — they’re all crazy on the inside.

1. High school reunions

Who’s “most likely to succeed” now?

2. TV shows about their future profession

Who else can point out how relatable yet inaccurate they are?

3. Ironic kickball leagues

A chance to be competitive without being hated for it.

4. Undergrad parties

Finally, a chance to say “corporate law” when asked “what’s you major?”

5. Ikea

Temporary furniture for a temporary lifestyle.

6. Trivia Nights

The opportunity to get drunk, show off esoteric knowledge, and come up with a clever team name is too hard to resist.

8. Novelty hats and t-shirts

Because if grad students aren’t buying this stuff, who is?

9. Free food

Sometimes all it takes to get a grad student to show up somewhere.

10. Job fairs

The light at the end of the tunnel is suddenly less dim.

11. Student loans

It’s easier to hemorrhage money when the money isn’t yours.

12. Procrastinating

You’re probably doing it right now.

13. Mario Kart

The great equalizer.

14. Being gunners

You ruin everything!

15. Hating gunners

They ruin everything!

16. Networking

AMC / Via wifflegif.com

Because making law review clearly isn’t going to happen.

17. Movies about their future profession

With corresponding Facebook status updates (e.g. “Oh, The Paper Chase is on — there goes my Saturday!”).

18. Studying in peace and quiet

Fox / Via wifflegif.com

And don’t even think about touching a grad student’s clearly-reserved library cubicle.

19. Student discounts

That 10% off at J.Crew really adds up.

20. Easy research projects

Gotta pad that C.V.

21. Sleeping In

As long as you’re paying for a note-taking service, you might as well get your money’s worth.

22. More coffee

It never ends.

23. Seamless

It’s grad school, not cooking school.

24. Self-loathing

Fox / Via giphy.com

Seriously, how long does it take to write a dissertation?

25. Asking parents for money

Tell them you’re an investment.

26. Avoiding the real world for a few more years

Don’t grow up, grad students — it’s a trap.

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