20 "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" Tips For Surviving Halloween

Because the Midnight Society taught you everything you need to know.

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4. Never play hockey in your apartment building, unless you want to be abducted by aliens.

Via Cinar and Nickelodeon

And when complete strangers invite you into their apartment to play with toys, bring a special buddy!

5. Don't wear dead people's riding jackets, unless you have plenty of kibble handy.

Via Cinar and Nickelodeon

Also, don't wear whatever the girl on the left is wearing, unless you have plenty of cyanide handy.

8. Never judge a comic book by its cover, unless the person on said cover is trying to kill you.

Via Cinar and Nickelodeon

I wonder if the girl on the left is supposed to be some kind of nerd.

13. Don't visit BitTorrent without making sure you download Norton's anti-demon patch.

Via Cinar and Nickelodeon

I think this little guy got himself into the ObamaCare website, too.

14. If a monster has you cornered, just exploit their obvious weakness, which will have been made apparent to you earlier.

Via Cinar and Nickelodeon

Of course!! The monster hates loud noises!! It all makes sense now!!

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