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    18 Simple Life Hacks For Anyone Who Grew Up In The '80s Or '90s

    Because our lives are tough and we didn't learn about hard work, self-sacrifice, and responsibility like our grandparents' generation.

    1. Freeze time by saying "time out!" and making the corresponding hand gesture

    2. Alternative: touch your fingers together to freeze time

    3. Touch your ear, say "showtime, Synergy!," and let you holographic double do some of the work

    4. Trick your enemies into saying "I don't know," and let the slime show them who's boss

    5. Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

    6. Write down life's hardest questions, and let Ghostwriter answer them for you

    7. Use your temple pendant

    8. Use a warp whistle

    9. Say "synchronize Swatches!" and watch the perfect plan fall into place

    10. Hold [Shift] and type "FUND" for $10,000 instantly

    11. Put your robot sister to work

    12. Say "hocus pocus alamagocus!" and put department store mannequins to work

    13. Buy a pet alligator, and then put *it* to work

    14. Use a lightning bolt, banana peel, or koopa shell

    15. Morph into a puddle of whatever Alex Mack turns into, and sneak out under a door

    16. Use a helicopter hat, and get where you need to go faster

    17. Or, use aerosol spray cans to propel you off the ground

    18. Use a Game Genie code