17 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are Turning Into Ren & Stimpy

Happy happy, joy joy!

1. You’re each other’s wing man at parties…

Nickelodeon / Via opiumdreamgirl.tumblr.com

2. …and you have your own dance routine.

Nickelodeon / Via lunatictoons.tumblr.com

3. You eat most of your meals together…

Nickelodeon / Via sonicsnail.tumblr.com

4. …and always share your snacks.

Nickelodeon / Via lunatictoons.tumblr.com

5. You’re comfortable being yourselves in front of each other…

6. …some might say too comfortable.

Nickelodeon / Via lunatictoons.tumblr.com

7. You go everywhere together.

Nickelodeon / Via lunatictoons.tumblr.com

8. You ask each other for advice every time you fall in love…

Nickelodeon / Via bananakill.tumblr.com

9. …and then share all the filthy details.

Nickelodeon / Via awsome24-7.tumblr.com

10. You go to each other for help whenever you have a serious problem.

Nickelodeon / Via stevenlathrop.tumblr.com

11. You’re sometimes jealous of each other’s “other” best friends.

Nickelodeon / Via kerk.tumblr.com

12. You stand by each other through good times…

Nickelodeon / Via franticdant.tumblr.com

13. …and bad times…

14. …and really, really bad times.

Nickelodeon / Via zbod.tumblr.com

15. And even though you have the occasional disagreement…

Nickelodeon / Via lunatictoons.tumblr.com

16. …you’ll always love each other…

Nickelodeon / Via lunatictoons.tumblr.com

17. …even if you don’t always say it.

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