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The Best “Man On The Street” Videos

Stand up comedy's stressful enough, but are you funny enough to take it to the streets? These comedians do their best work amongst the people and who knows, maybe you'll encounter them one day. For more Man on the Street hijinks with a game show twist, tune into Funny Or Die's "Billy on the Street" on Thursdays at 11p/10c on Fuse.

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Billy On The Street

Billy Eichner gives Man on the Street a whole new meaning, adding a game show twist to chatting up strangers on the street. Think you know a bit about celebrities and pop culture? But what about Billy's opinions on pop culture? See how those approached by Billy on the street fared by tuning into Funny or Die's "Billy On The Street" every Thursday at 10p/11c on Fuse!

Charlyne Yi Is Man On The Street

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She might not technically be a "man," but Charlyne Yi's Man on the Street interviewing strategy is more original than ever attempted before.

The Tom Green Show's Talk To The Poo

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A segment from MTV's The Tom Green Show, "Talk To The Poo" takes a man, a microphone, some feces, and hits the street for some hard-hitting journalism.

Jerry Rio....Man On The Street

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"The first docu-comedy to explore the urban landscape," Jerry Rio takes to the NYC streets of the mid-90s, where he really lets the people share their comedic talents.

Insomniac With Dave Attell

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Late night TV watchers (and people who fell asleep with their TVs on) loved Dave Attell's "Insomiac With Dave Attell," where the comedian explored the seedy nightlife of various cities.

Steve Allen's Man On The Street

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Late night pioneer Steve Allen was not only the first host of The Tonight Show, but he was also perhaps the first Man on the Street, leading the way for popular Tonight Show segments including...

Jay Leno's Jaywalking

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Jay Leno's take on Americans (read: they aren't so smart!) was the idea for his Jaywalking segment, a hugely popular bit on The Tonight Show.

Agoraphobic Man On The Street

"When a dog bites a man, that's not news. When a man is too scared of other people to report the news, that's not news either."

The Daily Show's Correspondents

The Daily Show's fake news format provides the perfect opportunity for correspondent comedians to embrace the Man on the Street format.

Untopical Man On The Street with Gil Ozeri

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There's nothing street-strollers enjoy more than being accosted by a microphone, especially when the topic at hand is completely irrelevant.

Ross Everett Occupies

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It seemed as though Occupy Wall Street had just as many reporters as it did occupiers, and some of those were true Men on the Street. Take, for example, Ross Everett, who has definitely the ideal amount of street people to talk to.