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10 Reasons Why Meryl Streep Is The World's Greatest Actress

Meryl Streep is not just among the best actors of her generation, but every generation. People need to shut up and listen to the facts. To hear more about her and virtually any other celebrity, tune into Funny Or Die's “Billy on the Street” on Thursdays at 11p/10c on Fuse.

1. She has about a million Oscar and Golden Globe nominations

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

(She has seventeen Academy Award nominations, two wins, and 26 Golden Globe nominations, with eight wins--more than any other actor in the history of either award. So it's practically a million.)

2. She can do so many accents so well that her Wikipedia has a section dedicated SOLELY to them

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"When asked whether accents help her get into character, she responded, 'I'm always baffled by this question... How could I play that part and talk like me?' "

3. She's AT LEAST AS articulate with her hand gestures as Helen Keller

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

4. She did this really great duet with Pierce Brosnan in "Mamma Mia!"

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5. She owns every pair of glasses ever

Monica Schipper / Getty Images

It's her thing, okay? And she looks fantastic wearing them.

6. She's very humble

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7. Barack Obama is secretly in love with her

AFP / MANDEL NGAN / Getty Images

And as New York Magazine put it, we'd "totally forgive him" if he left Michelle for Meryl.

8. She starred in "She-Devil," and is still a respected actress

Orion Pictures Corp / Everett Collection

No-one watched this movie, but the only people who did, watched it for Meryl.

9. She doesn't care about appearing unattractive

Miramax / Everett Collection

Much like Meryl's many accents, she's totally willing to go the distance with makeup in her roles, even if she looks terrible. For her, it's part of the role.

10. She ISN'T Glenn Close

Vince Bucci / Getty Images

Inexplicably, a lot of people have Meryl confused with Glenn Close, who's practically a B-movie star at this point. How? WHY?? I mean, she hasn't even won a single Oscar, and only two Golden Globes. There's virtually no similarities here.

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For even more reasons why Meryl Streep is just the world's greatest actress, check out this clip from Funny Or Die's “Billy on the Street,” featuring Billy Eichner, on Thursdays at 11p/10c on Fuse.