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    • BillyMays69

      I made this account just to tell you how retarded you are.
      1. No we don’t.
      2. No we don’t.
      3. Atheists don’t talk to you about atheism unless you bring up your religion in conversation.
      4. Atheism is NOT a religion.
      5. Yeah, because believing in ancient fairytales and magic isn’t childish, yet not believing in it is.
      6a. Atheists have never done this.
      b. This kid has the right to be pissed off. He practiced for years and perfected his violin playing skills and people attribute his skill to some mythical being rather than his hard work and determination.
      7a. That teacher is a fucking idiot.
      b. Audrey, Carter, and Haley are fucking idiots. I don’t even have to explain why, as everyone should have learned how this shit works in school.
      8. Except Christopher Hitchens was an actual person who actually existed, and can be proven to have existed. Him being dead doesn’t falsify his works. By your logic, the bible should be false because the people who wrote the bible are dead.
      9a. The Big Bang Theory hasn’t been proven, but there is scientific evidence leading one to believe that it is very possible. Creationism has no evidence whatsoever supporting it.
      b. God isn’t real, so it’s not possible for us to hate him.
      c. Nobody made the universe. The Big Bang Theory is the closest explanation that we have to
      how the universe came to be.
      d. No.
      e. Most people don’t even care about the Jesus aspect of Christmas. Jesus’s birthday isn’t even on December 25th. Christmas was originally a Pagan holiday which was adopted by Christianity, so technically it’s not even a Christian holiday. I celebrate Christmas because of the idea of being kind and generous to others.
      f. We don’t believe that Satan is real. We criticize the god of the bible because of the way he behaves even though he’s described as a “loving” and “merciful” god. Satan isn’t even described much in the bible, and the few times that he actually does something, it goes according to character. We do not worship Satan, if we did we would be Satanists.
      g. Please do. We will be better off without you.

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