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This Production Company Parodied Desiigner's "Panda" Video And It's Hilarious

Panda, panda, panda..

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Perhaps you've heard the debut single "Panda" by New York-based rapper, Desiigner, or perhaps you have not. In either case, the "catchy trap song," which was officially released in December of 2015, and then re-released on February 26 of this year, has become immensely popular, garnering top-ten spots on both iTunes and the Billboard Hot 100 over the past two months, and even inspiring BuzzFeed quizzes.

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Indeed, the video's popularity is already enough to have inspired SNL-style parodies like this one by mother and son team, Paula and Jay Ellis of Los Angeles, which hybrids Desiigner's music video with Brian De Palma's Scarface.

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The spoof was produced by the Los Angeles Based production company, The Sycamore Group, in association with Frank Martinelli and Sunday Ruckus Productions. It stars Sunday Ruckus founding member and BET's The Game cast member, Jay Ellis. The video was posted to Ellis' personal YouTube page on May 20 and has received over 50,000 views already. The Sycamore Group and Sunday Ruckus have plans to release subsequent parody videos for songs like O.T. Genesis' "Cut It" in the coming weeks. Check out more of Jay Ellis' work on Facebook and Twitter.

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