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Ed Sheeran Performs "Sing" and Debuts New Song, "Don't," on Saturday Night Live.

Ed Sheeran's done it again. Does this talented British ginger ever make a bad song?

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Ed Sheeran's new album, Multiply is slated for a release in late June of this year, and last night on SNL he gave audiences across the U.S. a preview of what we can only hope the album will sound like.

Ed performed two songs off of the new album last night. The first song, "Sing," is the first single off of the album and is already on the radio and climbing the charts. This song has a different sound from anything Sheeran's done in the past, but it is equally as well-done and catchy.

The second song that Ed performed was the previously unheard "Don't" off of Multiply and there aren't words to describe how good this song is. Like "Sing," "Don't" combines Ed's quick lyricisms with his talent on the guitar, and like all of Ed's songs, it delivers in a way that is refreshing and unique.

Ed Sheeran consistently gives us incredible music and these two songs are no exception. If they are any indication of what Multiply will sound like, then I can't wait for it's release on June 23 of this year. "Sing" is available now for download via iTunes.

Here are the two songs that Ed performed last night, "Sing," and "Don't":

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