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British Retailer ‘Primark’ Coming To America

Because everything is better in an English accent.

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Get excited, fashion fiends - the British clothing company Primark announced today that it will be bringing its fun, flirty, and affordable clothing overseas in 2015.

The retailing company, which specializes in clothing for men and women, is closest in relation to such "fast-fashion" stores as Forever 21 and H&M where you can get sunglasses, shoes, bathing suits, and the like without spending a fortune.

Associated British Foods, the parent-company of Primark, is quoted as saying "[a]fter extensive research, it has been decided to take the concept to consumers in the USA."

The first Primark store is slated to open in late 2015 in Boston, Mass., and, upon

its success, spread throughout the eastern U.S. in 2016.

Check out some of their Spring 2014 styles below

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