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28 Celebrities' Pets Guaranteed To Melt Your Tiny, Fragile Heart

Alternate headline: "28 Dogs And Cats That Are Richer Than You."

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2. Katy Perry's cavapoo, Butters:

Instagram: @katyperry

3. Kourtney Kardashian's Bengal, Charli:

Instagram: @kourtneykardash

4. Lady Gaga's Frenchie, Miss Asia:

Instagram: @ladygaga

5. Dita von Teese's Devonshire Rex, Aleister:

Instagram: @aleistervonteese

6. Seth Meyers' Italian greyhound, Frisbee:

Instagram: @thefrisbeemeyers

7. Ariana Grande's beagle-chihuahua mix, Toulouse:

Instagram: @arianagrande

8. Taylor Swift's Scottish Folds, Meredith Grey (front) and Olivia Benson (back):

Instagram: @taylorswift

11. Paris Hilton's Pomeranian, Harajuku Bitch:

Instagram: @parishilton

13. Justin Bieber's black labrador, Phil:

Instagram: @justinbieber

15. Demi Lovato's yorkipoo, Batman:

Instagram: @ddlovato

16. Julianne Hough's cavaliers, Lexi (left) and Harley (right):

Instagram: @juleshough

18. Harry Styles' cockapoo, Colin:

Instagram: @harrystyles

20. Nick Jonas's golden retriever, Elvis:

Instagram: @nickjonas

21. Sarah Hyland and Dominic Sherwood's lab, Boo (left), and Maltipoo Barkley (left):

Instagram: @therealsarahhyland

23. Chelsea Handler's shepherd/chow mix, Chunk:

Instagram: @chelseahandler

24. Kelly Clarkson's Maltese, Security:

Instagram: @kellyclarkson

25. Amanda Seyfried's Australian shepherd, Finn:

Instagram: @mingey

26. Bobby Flay's Maine coons, Taco (right) and Nacho (left):

Instagram: @therealtacocat

27. Gisele B√ľndchen and Tom Brady's dogs, Lua (left) and Fluffy (right):

Instagram: @gisele

28. Martha Stewart's chow chow, Genghis Khan:

Instagram: @marthastewart48

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