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    18 Times Taylor Swift Made Us Jealous On Instagram

    ♫ You took a polaroid of us. ♫

    1. When she got to hug this big, adorable cardboard cat and we didn't.

    2. When she dressed like Olaf from Frozen and performed the iconic "Let It Go" with Idina Menzel.

    3. When Justin Timberlake wore a poop mask to her birthday party.

    4. When she threw a celeb pool party and accidentally forgot to invite us.

    5. When this happened and all of our hearts melted.

    6. When she looked like this.

    7. When she looked like a goddess next to Sam Smith.

    8. When she danced with this adorably adorable fan named Dylan.

    9. When she rocked this fan-made sweater with her face on it.

    10. When she reminded us that we are all just peasants worshipping at the feet of her celebrity posse (numerous times).

    11. When she and Calvin Harris defined #BaeGoals.

    12. Or when she redefined cuteness with her cat, Detective Olivia Benson.

    13. When she casually showed us what it's like to be BFFs with Ed Sheeran.

    14. When she tried to negotiate with sheep.

    15. When she — yeah, actually, I'm not even touching this one.

    16. When she dressed as a Pegacorn for Halloween.

    17. When she hung out with Ina Garten. The fucking Barefoot Contessa.

    18. And when she ruled over New York, and the world for that matter, with the same class and elegance that Elizabeth does over England.