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18 People Who Totally Nailed Their “SNL”-Inspired Halloween Costumes

"You guys got to be cute, and you made me be the cheese"

1. This member of The Lawrence Welk Show:

2. This guy who slayed the whole Halloween game as Stefon:

3. These three who dressed as David S. Pumpkins and his skeleton dance crew:

4. This Target Lady:

5. These two who dressed as Garth and Wayne:

6. These three who went as the "Girl's Halloween" Girls:

7. This woman who went as Olya Povlatsky:

8. This woman who nailed her Linda Richman costume:

9. These two who went as Bobbi and Marty Culp:

10. This Super Fan:

11. These two who dressed as the "Dick In A Box" guys:

12. This group who went as the cast of The Lawrence Welk Show:

13. These Blues Brothers:

14. These two A-holes:

15. This Mom Jeans lady:

16. These Jeopardy stars:

17. These two who went as Garth and Kat:

18. And this Ambiguously Gay Duo:

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