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10 Ways To Know You're A Grad Student

You probably don't have time to read this.

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4. The end of the semester isn't exciting because you know how much work you have left to do.

2 weeks left in the semester? Awesome!! Oh wait, I have to write 2 research papers, give an oral presentation, and write 3 outlines? Shit, I might as well cure just Ebola while I'm at it...

6. There's no such thing as summer break.

In college, summers were for partying, sleeping, beaching, and vacationing; in graduate school they're for working, more reading, and building your resume. The only beaches you'll see this summer will be on Instagram (unless of course your graduate degree is in invertebrate marine ecology or something, in which case you will be on a'll just be researching coral).

10. You despise undergraduates.

Undergrads are the worst (not just because 70% of them are napping right now) because they get to be carefree... and somewhere there is a college junior who thinks that a thesis only has to be one sentence. God we miss those days.

But hang in there, grad students! This will all pay off when you graduate and get a job! (at least that's what you'll tell yourself for motivation...)

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