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10 Things You Start Doing In Your Twenties

At some point you stopped caring about jungle juice and meeting celebrities and started caring about your skin and your 401k.

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1. Wearing your glasses/contacts/retainers.

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Early in your twenties you realize that your teeth probably cost more than your first car and that you don't want to go, you finally start wearing your glasses (not just because they're trendy), your contacts (even though they still suck), and your retainer (even though you sound funny when you wear it).

2. Filling up your gas tank before it's on E.

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Wow...when did you become responsible? Prior to your twenties, there was always a 60% chance that you might run out of gas on your way to the beach; now, you fill up as soon as your tank gets to 1/2 full. One less thing to stress you out.

3. Working out and eating healthier foods.

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Your college diet consisted of cereal, pizza, fried Oreos, Mountain Dew, and cheap moscato. Now, you eat salad, chicken, and fruit...and you don't feel like you're going to die when you go for a jog.

4. Drinking wine to relax.

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In your twenties, you start to enjoy wine. A glass of wine is like a good therapist or a Xanax — it has healing powers. A nice glass of wine after work or at family parties has become your go-to for relaxation whereas, prior to this, the only wine you had was in a Solo-cup and came from a box.


5. Shopping at nicer stores.

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You actually like buying work clothes now. Banana Republic, J. Crew, and Nordstrom (and TJ Maxx/Marshall's, obviously) have started to replace stores like American Eagle and Forever 21. You're surprised when your new shirts from Ralph Lauren don't disintegrate in the washing machine during their first wash. The outlets become your best friend.

6. Getting along with your family.

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Suddenly your siblings, parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles all become your best and most trusted friends. You vacation with these people, you live with these people, and you can turn to them for anything. You learn that they'll be there for you no matter what and that's something very special.

7. Hating (but secretly loving) celebrities that are younger than you are.

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What did they do that you didn't? How have they made $15 million this year and you cried tears of happiness yesterday because you found a $20 on the subway? You want to hate them, but you also really want to buy their albums/see their movies...they're just so damn talented! UGH THE STRUGGLE.

8. Realizing who your true best friends are.

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No doubt by now you've had a ton of "best" friends. High school friends, college friends, work friends — they've come and gone, but there are definitely a handful that, at this point, you know you're never getting rid of, nor do you want to. The've seen you at your best, and they've held your hair back at your worst. They're there for you whenever you need them to be, and you for them. Life will inevitably take you all in different directions, but you'll always share an irreplaceable bond with them.

9. Putting Real Effort Into Your Relationship(s).

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This goes for your family and friends, but especially for your significant other. Before your twenties came around, dating was basically just a series of unfortunate and awkward hook-ups, some longer than others. But, in your twenties you really start to evaluate your relationships. Sooner rather than later you'll start asking yourself, "Can I see myself marrying this person?" When your answer is "yes," that's when you start putting real effort into a relationship.

10. Traveling.

This is the best thing that you start doing in your twenties. Chances are you have friends who have moved to different parts of the country or even the world, so now is the time to start traveling and visit them. You want to taste Italian wine, eat real Spanish food, and lay on a beach in California and this is the time to do it. Your twenties are for exploration, so make sure you see everything you want to!

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