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10 Struggles of iPhone Users

The everyday annoyances of iPhone users.

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1. The Cracked Screen.

There is no worse feeling than getting out of the car and forgetting your phone was on your lap... except that feeling you get whenever someone says "OMG what happened to your phone?".

2. Autocorrect

I don't understand how autocorrect consistently changes my best friends' names and any swears I try to use, but conveniently has "No Replacements Found" when I'm trying to sound smart in an email and need help spelling a big word. Duck you, autocorrect!

3. Air Bubbles on Your Screen Protector.

An air bubble under your screen protector is like having crabs - you don't want them, you feel bad for people who have them, and you spend a lot of time trying to scratch them out.

4. iOS Updates.

The worst part about an iOS update is having to read all of the complaining on Twitter and Facebook about how much it sucks... that, and the fact that you probably lost all of your contacts and photos during the re-syncing process.

5. Phone Cases.

The whole reason you bought an iPhone was because you thought it would fit in your pocket easily... well as soon as you put on that ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY phone case they're no longer as lightweight, slim, and cool. Without this case, however, you'll find yourself back at #1 on this list.

9. Rotating Screen While You're Trying to Read in Bed.

It's 6:30 a.m. and you are just trying to read BuzzFeed in bed without crying... and your rotating iPhone screen is doing everything in its power to make sure you CAN'T do that.

Add any others you might have in the comment section below!

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