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    • billr14

      The plain facts are, that Cammo and the rest of the Goons, are in government right now for one thing only.To perpetuate the myth that the vast majority of the country loved Thatch, and revered her. Actually reviled would be more accurate.From school milk, to the Miners, to the demise of the fishing industry, to Unions in general, to devisive politicking, which split the country in many ways and not only inaclass way. Someone posted somewhere the other day that she gave us all the right to purchaseahouse? Um….well doineed to dissect that one? The other thing that should be mentioned is the Falklands.I with millions of others backed the Military and the Islanders, but like Thatch, did NOT have to fight the Argies personally.Of course it’s all very well giving the order for others to take part, and then again, the then prime minister didn’t really giveastuff about what you orithought anyway.No change there then eh? Finallyithought that wasagood move on her part to invite everyone to her funeral. One wonders if she thought that nobody would turn up otherwise! Either they now feel obliged, like The Queen, or don’t want to be seen as being rather churlish, in front of all the other “Leaders” of the world. Lastly, there’s the issue of the cost of all this nonsense.Um, she won’t actually be there to see all that taxpayers money being spent on this spectacle, and it will be left to the bravehearts to make the rest of our feelings known at this farce.

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