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    Read This For Your Online Safety *NOT A Joke*

    I'm writing this for your safety, so please take this seriously.

    There is a Mickey Mouse profile that will DM you on any social platform (Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, ect.). It will send you a message saying “do you want to play a game". Do not open it!!! Once you open the message they can see your location. If you see it, don't open it, don't look at it, and do NOT reply to it! The "game" includes tasks.

    I'm saying this once again, do NOT open the message. It's not a game! It's a trick to get the to see your location and they will tell you to do bad stuff so don't take this as a joke I'm serious about this.

    Some of the tasks are carving a whale into your arm, do stuff to your family and the last task is to take your life. So please, don't open the message.

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