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    Can We Not Use Phobia-Triggering Photos In Thumbnails?

    I swear, if I get hate in the comments 🤣

    There are so many posts on Buzzfeed that use phobia-triggering photos in their thumbnails that can send millions of people into panic and anxiety attacks just by looking at them. This has to stop immediately!

    Coming from someone that actually IS impacted by this, putting phobia-triggering photos in thumbnails is just awful and careless. For example, Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias in the world yet many people use terrifying spider photos in their thumbnails. Are you not aware that just by putting a picture of a spider on the internet you will cause thousands of anxiety attacks every year? Believe it or not, a phobia can be severely disabling. Some phobias like Basiphobia (fear of falling) can be so intense, that the person sometimes completely refuses to walk or even stand, and other simple phobias like Arachnophobia can be just as bad. Imagine if you were deathly afraid of clowns to the point where seeing one makes you scream and cry like a child (no offense if this happens to you when your phobia kicks in) but so many posts had creepy clowns in their thumbnails. You would feel attacked and scared wouldn't you? You wouldn't like that would you? So why do you ignorantly put phobia-triggering pictures in your thumbnails??

    Some phobia-triggering photos include:

    .Photos with spiders or any other type of bug/insect

    .Photos with clowns/scary entities

    .Photos with crowds and smalls spaces that might trigger Claustrophobia

    Only YOU can change this. Don't put phobia-triggering photos in your thumbnails.

    Thanks for reading, have a good day/night/evening/afternoon.

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