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9 Sensitive Skin Products You'll Want To Have Ready For Action Against Major Breakouts

You know the kind of breakouts I mean.. the ones that sit under the skin for what feels like a million years and are painful AF.

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1. Simple: Spotless Skin, triple action Face Wash

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Simple are well known for their philosophy of never including artificial perfumes or colourings in any of their skin products making this the perfect product for anyone that finds their skin to be a little on the sensitive side (myself included). Simple's spotless skin face wash claims to help fight spots using 3 spot fighting ingredients and 1 natural anti-bacterial ingredient and as someone that uses this product during times when breakouts get particularly bad, It's a god send.

This is one product I regularly recommend to friends and family, it leaves your skin silky smooth through the use of teeny tiny microbeads whilst waging war on your spots! Whilst it claims to show results from day one, I would however say that it's more like day 3 or 4 so bare than in mind!

2. Nivea: Sensitive caring Micellular Water

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Another great product is Nivea's Micellular Water. Again, I'm a big fan of Nivea products too. Whilst they aren't necessarily catered towards individuals with sensitive skin, the ingredients aren't harsh in the slightest. Micellular water is a combination of little oils called Micells and soft water. When combined the product works at removing dirt, grime and make-up without stripping your skin of essential oils much like day to day face washes do. It's a great cleanser to try and include into your routine!

This product is also absolutely perfect during winter weather when the cold tends to dry your skin out a little too much but is certainly not limited for use only in the winter months!

3. Neutrogena: Oil-Free Face Wash

Neutrogena / Via

This product is perfect for oily skin. Whilst I don't have oily skin myself, I have numerous friends that speak very highly of the results from Neutrogena's oil free face wash and an important ingredient within this face wash is salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid is used to remove outer layers of the skin and is often used to treat conditions such as warts, psoriasis, dandruff and acne. Of course the moment you say acid and skin, you get this image of someone having just had an acid face peel but this isn't quite the same. If a product contains salicylic acid, it is very rare that it'll be more than 2% and in the case that it is, these products are usually prescribed or used for the purpose of face peels. The use of this particular acid in skin care is to remove the outer layer of the skin which results in pores becoming less clogged by dead skin and in turn preventing blemishes.

If you have particularly sensitive skin then be aware that overuse of a product with acid in may cause temporary redness and dry skin but otherwise, it's seems to be a go to for those of you with oily skin! Give it a go!

4. Extra washcloths! (LOTS OF THEM)

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No seriously, buy a tonne of washcloths! I know you're all going to think I'm mad for this and no, I don't have OCD but invest in AT LEAST 5 of them. A spot, whether its under the skin or not, is an Infection. Much like any other infection of the skin, it is possible to spread it. Invest in enough to get you through until you do your washing. I do mine once a week so I actually own 7 facial wash clothes in total. I don't use them all through the week but when I find my skin breaking out a little worst than usual, I tend to start using one a day to avoid spreading the infection causing my breakouts.

Having a few extra also means you won't find yourself frantically trying to wash one by hand when you get a little lazy with the washing pile...

5. Lush: Grease Lightening Spot Treatment

Lush, UK / Via

The ultimate spot zapper! Grease Lightening spot treatment is a product produced by Lush and to my knowledge is available at most Lush stores. The ingredients include everything you need to send those pesky blemishes home with 'an infusion of antibacterial and antiseptic rosemary, thyme and tea tree, as well as antioxidant-rich grape juice and witch hazel, which is astringent and anti-inflammatory and is said to soothe redness'. It does also include a perfume in the ingredients but it's a fragrance that occurs naturally within certain oils. The mixture itself has this kind of thick gel consistency that goes UNBELIEVABLY far and is best used when applied to freshly cleansed skin twice a day. It also has a rather delightful cooling sensation which is ah-mazing if you've got breakouts that are particularly sore.

If that's not convinced you to pick this little beauty up, all the ingredients are also fresh and fair trade Organic!

All in all, this product really is Lush (I had to I'm sorry..)

6. Lush: Mask of Magnaminty

Lush, CA / Via

Lush hits makes the cut once again! I am a regular user of the Magnaminty face mask by Lush (I'm actually using it as I write this piece). A few months ago I had a series of breakouts caused by a change in medication and my confidence really suffered. A Lush obsessed friend of mine suggested I go and speak to one of the advisors which is exactly what I did. I knew that if I was to apply anything overly harsh to my skin it would only make it worst so I was desperate for a natural fix. The woman in store that I spoke to recommended that I try the mask and see how I got on and I have continued to buy this every three weeks since.

The mask itself doesn't go very far but it is 100% worth every pretty penny, it doesn't need to be kept in the fridge and it has a pretty lengthy expiration. The woman I spoke to did also explain that it doesn't rid blemishes but instead brings them to a head which makes it a perfect mask for bringing hormonal breakouts to the surface.

7. Simple: Anti-blemish moisturiser

Simple, UK / Via

I'm notorious for not applying moisturiser and complaining about dry skin but after hearing raving reviews from friends with dry skin I decided to give It a try. Especially as I have a few trouble dry patches at the moment caused by the unpleasantly cold weather we're experiencing in the region (Is summer nearly here yet?).

The product aims to provide the same action as the face wash with bacteria fighting ingredients and 4 spot fighting ingredients as opposed to the three found in the face wash. It also claims to 'maintain moisture levels' which is great for people whose skin is often exposed to the cold.

My first thought was that I was generally unimpressed but 3 days in and I started to really see a difference not only in the clarity of my complexion but in the texture too. I have every intention of purchasing this bad boy once it runs out! I don't know whether it's the combination of simple products in my skin care routine but I currently have only the one blemish on my face (don't worry, it's a doozy of a spot!) where-as before hand.. my skin was not so clear.

If you're looking for a good moisturiser for spot prone skin, I would highly recommend forking out for this!

8. Extra Make-up Brushes or Applicators (AGAIN, GO WILD)

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I'm not saying go out and buy a whole new set of brushes and setting yourself back a good £50-£75 but rather invest in extra brushes, particularly the ones you use every day. The amount of bacteria found in both brushes and in make-up after prolonged use without washing or cleaning can only exacerbate the problem (I watched Shaun of the Dead recently, can you tell..)

If you find you're having a particularly bad breakout but don't feel comfortable going make-up less then that's totally fine! Be aware of the fact that your brushes and beauty blenders are coming into contact with skin infections and try to wash them after every use. Alternatively, invest in a second set of the brushes you use every day or at least the ones that come into contact with areas of your skin that are infected (Blush, foundation, beauty blenders, contour brushes, concealer brushes etc).

By doing this you'll have clean brushes readily available for use whilst also leaving the other set to dry fully after cleaning. You should definitely try to avoid using damp brushes as certain bacteria's tend to multiply in dark, damp conditions and we don't want that!

9. Smashbox: Blemish Control Photo Finish Primer

Smashbox / Via

Following on from the conversation of applying make-up over blemished skin, invest in a good blemish control primer. This particular primer is a little on the pricey side at £28 and it's a risky product to invest in as the results don't tend to show until after roughly two weeks of use but in my personal experience, buying this primer was totally worth it.

This is one product that actually contains salicylic acid as was mentioned earlier and in the 2% mark. It's great for providing a barrier between you skin and your make -up whilst simultaneously working away on those blemishes! It also gives a great finish to any make-up application and is oil-free too.

If that's not enough, you only need a pea sized amount for full face application and the product goes really far!

10. Trial and Error!

Finally, be fully aware that what might work for others won't necessarily work for you. Every skin type is different and annoyingly it is a case of trial and error to find out which products work best for you in terms of tackling blemishes! I seem to react well to Simple products but my mum comes out in rashes at any sign of anything that's not Nivea so don't be disheartened if you don't get the results you thought you would but think of it as one product closer to finding yourself the perfect skin care regime!

Most importantly, blemishes or not.. you're all absolute worldies!

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