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10 Things You Should Stop Doing And Saying To Buzzed Girls

Pls stop.

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1. Please don't randomly start rubbing our heads..

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This is the most important one to remember. A simple - "Can I touch your head?" goes a long way. Sometimes we're totally fine with it if you ask but what we don't appreciate is when you start to casually run your paws over our freshly buzzed heads with no forewarning. It's weird AF and totally takes us by surprise if you haven't asked.

2. "Are you sick?" / Via

Sick and tired of being asked this question, Yes. Physically sick, No. When you ask us this, you're totally assuming that the only logical reason a woman would shave her head is because she's sick. Honey, I shave my head because I look damn fine when I do. Am I sick, Pssh.

3. "So when are you growing it back?" / Via

We don't know. This question is usually asked out of curiosity but it's often sometimes interpreted as ignorance. When you ask this question, you're assuming that we're either going to grow it back or we're actively making plans to do so in the future. We're not psychics. We might grow it back at some point or we might not.

4. "You look really good with hair"

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This is the equivalent of telling someone they'd look so pretty if they lost a little weight. What you mean to be a compliment is actually met with a bit of a backhand. I know I look great with hair, I know I look great with a buzz. Honey, we slay no matter what we do with our hair!

5. "Aren't you worried people will think you're gay?"

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Why would I worry about that? There's absolutely nothing wrong with being gay so I have no reason to worry if people want to think i'm gay. Also The 1950's called, they want their views back.

6. "But beautiful girls have long hair"

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There's so much wrong with this comment. Beauty comes in every size, shape and form regardless of the length of their hair. There are so many beautiful women both with buzzcuts and without! Take a look at @buzzcutfeed on Instagram and get back to me.

7. "But you can't do anything with it?"

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Wrong. Sometimes I wake up and I'm really feeling the grunge look and other times I wake up feeling particularly cute. The best thing about a buzzcut is that it totally free's you up to play with your style in both a fashion sense and in regards to make-up. It gives me so much freedom!

8. "Are you dating? Do you find you get asked out less than before?"

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Guys that ask me this question are exactly the reason I'm glad I have a buzzcut. I've actually found that it's been a great way to separate the genuine guys from the um.. f*ck boys. The guys that I come across now tend to be more mature and accepting of the fact that I have a buzzed head where as beforehand guys were more interested in how I looked rather than getting to know me as a person. It's a god send really!

9. "Oh my god, that's so brave! I could never do it!"

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It doesn't make me as brave as people think it does. When people say the word brave, I tend to think of stepping out in front of a car to save a child from getting hit not shaving my hair off. It does take some level of braveness to shave your hair off but for me, this is because I'd often associated beauty with hair. Since I've shaved it off, it's been a real eye-opener.

10. "But why did you do that?"

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This is a difficult question, sometimes when people ask it's genuinely out of curiosity in which case I'll explain the mishap I had with bleaching my hair which resulted in me shaving it all off. However sometimes it's met with judgement in a kind of 'ew, why did you do that?' way. The short answer to those asking with a tone of judgement in their voice is usually "because I did, bye Felicia".

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