15 Pictures Of Hanna-Barbera Characters That Make You Feel Uncomfortable But In A Good Way You Can’t Explain

Maybe it’s guilt.

1. This picture of Yogi Bear.

2. Also this other picture of Yogi.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park / Via jellystonemammothcave.com

He’s so strong.

3. This picture of fat Scooby-Doo.

teaselbone / Via teaselbone.deviantart.com

I wish he was real.

4. This picture of Huckleberry Hound looking at you.

mattman123 / Via comicvine.com

5. I like the way his eyes always droop a little.

Tom Ruegger / Via cartoonatics.blogspot.com

It feels like I hate him but I’m always looking at pictures of him.

6. This picture of Snagglepuss.

tr3forever / Via tr3forever.deviantart.com

He’s crossing his arms like he’s better than me, and maybe he is…

7. This picture of Snagglepuss where you can see the bottom of his paw.

sirius-blackx2 / Via sirius-blackx2.deviantart.com

8. This picture of Hokey Wolf really close to Yogi’s face like they’re going to kiss.

Yowp / Via blogger.com

I don’t want them to kiss though!!

9. This picture of Hokey whispering to Huckleberry Hound.

PuccadomiNyo / Via puccadominyo.deviantart.com

He looks so tall in this picture.

10. This picture of Wally Gator.

ArieS / Via fanart.tv

11. This picture of Choo Choo.

12. This picture of Lippy the Lion.

Sergio Lehman / Via Flickr: kerrytoonz

13. This picture of muscular Hong Kong Phooey.

dcrest13 / Via furaffinity.net

I got in trouble at work for looking at this picture.

14. I’ve never had a crush before.

fesak / Via comicvine.com

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