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The 5 Deadliest Star Wars Characters

Pound for pound, the top 5 folks from Star Wars that you would want fighting by your side.

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Number 5 - General Grievous / Via

Just a true OG. I mean c'mon, how's Oby really supposed to survive this.

Number 4 - Darth Maul / Via

What he lacks in speech he makes up with being terrifying.

Number 3 - Luke Skywalker / Via

Pound for pound he's supposed to be the most powerful Jedi ever but he's only number 3 because he's a wuss.

Number 2 - Yoda / Via

The wisest and oldest Jedi you'll ever see. Even though it's rare, when he does fight he's almost unstoppable.

Number 1 - Darth Vader / Via

The biggest and baddest of them all. Anakin was supposed to be the Jedi to save the galaxy from the Sith but he turned into the force that would literally destroy almost the entire future of the Jedi who trained him.

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