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13 Of The Best Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenge Videos

After stumbling upon my own video I was inspired to look back at some of the best from celebrities.

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When Will Arnett Got Ice Bucketed Before He Was Ready / Via

Poor guy had to do it multiple times because his bucket dropper was trigger happy.

Benedict Cumberbatch's Epic Slow-Mo Scream / Via

You can really see the exact moment when he realized what was happening.

Verne Troyer's Milk Shower Because of the Drought in California

So. Much. Milk.

Dave Grohl's Truly Beautiful Ice Bucket Challenge / Via

This one brought a tear to my eye... his big day ruined.

When George Bush Tried to Just Write a Check But Barbara Got Him / Via

The pure joy Barbara got from this is amazing.

When John Krasinski Got Emily Blunt and Her Groceries in a Surprise Ice Bucket Challenge / Via

John gave no regards to all the food she was carrying. Savage.

When Emily Blunt Didn't Let John Krasinski Get Away with a Cup of Ice Water / Via

He had to know payback would come after he ambushed her.

When Kermit the Frog Did the Ice Bucket Challenge in His Natural Habitat / Via

The shock Kermit gets from this is really something else considering he's a puppet.

When Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Brought Out the Heavy Machinery for Their Challenge

Impressive navigation to land that water right on them!

When Eminem and Rihanna Did the Ice Bucket Challenge During a Concert in Detroit / Via

Love to see them using such a big stage (literally) to spread awareness.

Jimmy Fallon, Rob Riggle, Horatio Sanz, Steve Higgins, & The Roots Going for it on the Tonight Show / Via

Quest Love's reaction behind Jimmy really makes this one great.

Jimmy Kimmel's Alternative Take on the Challenge / Via

He thought he should be taken to the hospital after... bold move Jimmy bold move.

When That Famous Guy Biko Skalla Did the Ice Bucket Challenge

Because stumbling on this gave me inspiration for this post I figured it should be included.

Thanks for Watching! Here's Bill Gates Using is Patented Ice Bucket Dropping Design as a Bonus!

Of course he would come up with an innovative way to drop ice water on his head.

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