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The Trail Mavens Journey

Should you go on a Trail Mavens adventure? A tale in gifs.

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So you are thinking about signing up for a Trail Mavens trip

Because you are...

Or are looking for a crew who also love nature

Or just aren't sure how to get started with outdoor adventuring

Or would like to learn some new skills

Or are tired of folks saying

But then find yourself alone in the wild

Then you hear about Trail Mavens

And it's what you've been looking for all this time

So you go to the Trail Mavens website

See all the cool adventures you could go on

And the more you read, the more pumped you become

So you take the leap

And sign up (we do not require the forfeiture of your voice)

The countdown to your adventure begins

And you can't wait for the trip to start

When the day comes, you're a little nervous

But then you meet your guides

And they are wonderful

And so are your fellow Mavens

And you are like hey we are cool women doing cool things, lets dance!

You start your adventure

Your guides teach you all about the wilderness

You feel one with nature

And have all the endorphins

Then it's time to eat!

Your guides say...

And you all gather round and feast

And you are like "guuuuuurl that is...

So this is just a standard guided adventure?

Everyone is so supportive of you trying new things

Especially things you haven't quuuuuite mastered

You learn all kinds of new skills

Acquire a rad pack of powerful women

Who are also supportive and kind

And realize your outdoorswoman limits

But the trip has to end

And when it does

You feel like a badass

And you cannot stop flipping your hair

You walk down the street and scream

And are already excited for your next adventure

To sum: we are excited to meet you

Well, maybe not that excited

But pretty darn close

Join us! Check out for more details!