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Do You Want To Know How Long You Will Live?

A blood test that will tell users how long they have left to live will go on sale in Britain later this year. The test - which will offer people the opportunity to estimate their lifespan will go on sale for £435. The controversial technology has come under fire because critics say insurance companies will insist on them before offering policies. But scientists say the test could be vital in the study of age-related illnesses like Alzheimer's and Cancer. Boffins working on the technology say they will be able to read a person's "biological age" by measuring structure on people's chromosomes called telomeres. The test cannot predict exactly how long a person will live for - but scientists are confident it can offer a reliable estimate. Read more here ...

Bigredkev 8 years ago

Naked Nudists Gym Workouts

A gym in Spain's Basque region has come up with an eye-catching way of battling the recession. It has begun offering naked workouts, for nudists. To read the rest of the story, please click on the link

Bigredkev 8 years ago

Brewery Make Beer Mixed With Viagra

A British firm have brewed the first beer laced with VIAGRA. The new tipple, which is guaranteed to beat brewer's droop, goes on sale this week.

Bigredkev 8 years ago

Alien Body Found In Russia

Possible Extraterrestrial Body Discovered In the Republic of Buryatia, Kabanskiy District, Russia. Real Or Hoax, You Decide...

Bigredkev 8 years ago

50 Weirdest Things You Never Knew About Sex

50. The smallest erection ever recorded in a “normal” man is just one centimeter long. That’s more like an outy belly button, innit? 49. Women who went to university are more likely to enjoy oral sex – giving and receiving. 48. Similarly, women with Ph.D.s are TWICE as likely to be interested in one-night stands than those with Bachelor’s degrees. You might have to finish this list yourself, I’m off to the library. 47. In Medieval France, a wife caught cheating was forced to chase a chicken through the village… naked. Sounds like a laugh to me. 46. A recent sex survey showed that men are more likely to be tied up during sex than women. To be honest, it’s probably just to make him shut up long enough to fuck him.

Bigredkev 8 years ago

Facebook Booze Test

To stop users who have had a few too many to go online and make an arse of themselves – or as we have seen in The Social Network, create a very successful website and become a billionaire in the process - a Swedish company have created a test that checks your motor skills in order to establish if you are fit enough for Facebooking. If a user passes the test their status update will have a tag saying that the update has been “filtered for alcohol”, if a user fails the test the update will be accompanied with a tag saying that it failed the “drunken test” and should not be taken too seriously. The company behind the application IQ, is part of the Swedish ‘System Bolaget AB” which is the only shop in Sweden allowed to sell alcohol. “Thoughts and opinions that are expressed on Facebook after a few pints can do more long-term damage than a hangover,” said Ann-Therése Enarsson the CEO of IQ. Click on the link above if you want to do the test - it's in Swedish but all you need to do is hit the lights as fast as you can. I wish they had invented this ages ago!!!!

Bigredkev 9 years ago


You know you're gonna try this

Bigredkev 9 years ago