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5 Dumbest Decisions Pokie Players Always Make

we're all guilty of these...if you don't play Pokies, then you've got bigger problems

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1. Getting a decent feature and not cashing out

No matter how much we win in the feature, most of it ends up back in the pokies

2. Choosing the Dice when playing Lucky 88

Not even Jesus is that lucky with the Dice, you get the feature, play it safe and go with the 8 free games.

3. Getting a feature and gambling it on red or black

I've seen people lose literally hundreds in features by making the stupid decision to pick hearts and try to quadriple their win. You won already, dont be a greedy bugger cos you'll lose it.

4. Going to the ATM for you're last $20

You really shouldn't make more than one trip to the ATM, just pack it in mate, grab a free coke and some bar nuts to drown your losses in

5. Always playing the same pokie because it payed you out that one time

Everyone has their 'favourite pokie' cos it 'always pays out'. Dont listen to those cobbers, just watch them push 10x more money into the machine than its ever paid them.

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