13 Of The Most Bizarre And Amazing Fantasy Novel Covers

Or: 13 Rare Occasions Where You Should Probably Judge A Book By Its Cover. This Fantasy Football season, give your brain a break from all those stats and check out these fantasy wins. Then let your mouth do the thinking, and enjoy the legendary taste of a Big Mac, only at McDonald’s.

1. Prince of Dogs by Kate Elliott

Alternate title: Oh, So You’re a Cat Person? Neat…

2. The Magick of Camelot by Arthur H. Landis

Alternate title: Dragons Don’t Know What Spaceships Are: They Must Be Confused As Heck RIght Now

3. The Weirdstone of Brisingamen by Alan Garner

Alternate title: The Weird, Wacky Adventures of Young Darth Vader and His Magical Rock

4. Death’s Master by Tanith Lee

Alternate title: Son, I Wasn’t Entirely Honest About Your Mom Not Being a Bird

5. Split Infinity by Piers Anthony

Alternate title: Socially Awkward Knight and the Apathetic Unicorn in: Best Frenemies

6. The Fire Rose by Mercedes Lackey

Alternate title: A Dog in a Blazer Tries to Watch Downton Abbey on His Crystal Ball: The Official Novelization

7. Unicorn Variations by Roger Zelazny

Alternate title: Unicorns Are Bad at Chess: They Can’t Even Grasp the Pieces with Their Dumb Hooves

8. Daggers of Darkness by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone

Alternate title: My Dad Is Cooler Than Your Dad: Book 1 of 12

9. The Gate of the Cat by Andre Norton

Alternate title: The Adventures of the Furious Cat Who Found Out Stonehenge Was Not Actually a Giant Scratching Post

10. Strip Mauled by Esther Friesner

Alternate title: The Mystery of the Most Awkward OkCupid Date in All of History Ever

11. Dreams of Steel by Glen Cook

Alternate title: Pokémon: The Dark Years

12. The Chrome Borne by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon

Alternate title: Princess Ravenight Elfblade and Sunglasses Thunderchrome in: The Case of the Ill-Defined Fantasy Convention

13. Moonsinger’s Friends by Andre Norton

Alternate title: So, You’re a Unicorn with an Identity Crisis?

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