The 10 Absolute Nerdiest Fantasy Football Team Names

Good player combinations can do more than win fantasy games. If your team is suffering, at least you can impress your friends by making a hilariously nerdy team name. Make sure you also try your hand at the Big Mac Football Fantasy.

1. BattleStark GalactiCobb

Ross_Angus / Via Flickr: ross_angus

+ RB Jackie Battle
+ RB James Starks
+ WR Randall Cobb

2. Demaryius TargArian

madmarv00 / Via Flickr: madmarv

+ WR Demaryius Thomas
+ RB Arian Foster

3. Graham It, Jim. I'm a Doctor, Not a Running Back

Wonderlane / Via Flickr: wonderlane

+ TE Jimmy Graham
+ RB LeSean McCoy… because of Leonard McCoy.

4. Dr. Julio and Rivers Song

Larry Wentzel / Via Flickr: wentzelepsy


+ WR Julio Jones
+ QB Philip Rivers
+ RB Darren Sproles (optional)

5. The Gates of As-Gored

Adi Granov / Via Flickr: tales2astonish

+ TE Antonio Gates
+ RB Frank Gore

6. You Have My Sword… and My Bowe… and My VJax

samdecle / Via Flickr: samdecle

+ WR Dwayne Bowe
+ WR Vincent Jackson

7. Nicks-Welker's Gould to the Galaxy

nickstone333 / Via Flickr: nickstone333

+ WR Hakeem Nicks
+ WR Wes Welker
+ K Robbie Gould

8. The Peytrix: Royaloaded

phsymyst / Via Flickr: bippix

+ QB Peyton Manning
+ WR Eddie Royal

9. Tony Starks Isaiah-rnman

Hryck / Via Flickr: hryckowian

+ TE Tony Gonzalez
+ RB James Starks
+ RB Isaiah Pead

10. Boldinly Gore Where No Wayne Has Garçon BeForte

numberstumper / Via Flickr: numberstumper

+ WR Anquan Boldin
+ RB Frank Gore
+ WR Reggie Wayne
+ WR Pierre Garçon
+ RB Matt Forte

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