12 People Who Just Discovered They Don’t Have Magical Powers

Real talk: It’s hard out there for an amateur wizard. Bite into a world of wizards, witches, and epic imagination with the Big Mac Football Fantasy.

1. This girl who thought she could walk through walls.

2. This fellow who forgot he isn't wearing his Invisibility Cloak.

3. This guy whose levitation spell kinda fell flat.

4. This would-be witch who can't actually speak to animals.

5. This cat who could use a better Protection Against Bananas charm.

6. This guy who just realized that rakes aren't great substitutes for broomsticks.

7. This guy who just Expelliarmus'd himself.

8. This kitty who could use a balancing spell right about now.

9. This shopper who wishes she enrolled in Defense Against Automatic Doors.

10. This police officer who never really mastered any unlocking spells.

11. This overenthusiastic trout who tried to turn itself into a bird. Or vice versa.

12. And this gentleman who can't, in fact, walk on water.

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