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How much of a meme machine are you. Do you sit up on the surface, only supping on the most outdated of memes, or are you scraping the bottom of the barrel and opening your mouth wide for the shit posters to regurgitate their sweet memes into your throat.

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    select all them juicy memes atrocities you have committed, you filthy bastards.

    select all them juicy memes atrocities you have committed, you filthy bastards.

    You have went hungry one month from spending all your hard earned shekels on Pepe memes in a dark alleyway.
    You think Emojis are cancer, but still you use them so you have an excuse to blast radiation through yourself in the hope to leave this world, where the only joy that shines into your soiled heart is crude dank memes.
    You've bounced on your boy's "chef" to vomit cake or Pink guy -nickelodeon girls for a solid/erect hour.
    you agree fully with the statements - "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" and "bush did 9/11".
    You're not actually one of those dumb fucks that doesn't think that bush did 9/11. WAKE UP!!1
    you inject All star by Smash Mouth into your veins like heroin.
    You also do Heroin.
    You never leave home without your trusty bong and bottle and wine. (obama turned the frogs gay)
    you're a PiNeaPlplE LOOkInnG moFoKUUH
    You know what the actual physical embodiment of the Patriarchy is. RRREEEEEEEEEE1!!!11!
    You're aware of Ted cruz being a creepy bastard that you shouldn't let near your kiddos for fear of him making them cry at minimum and at maximum being pumped and murdered on a street corner, receiving a letter from the zodiac killer or maybe the zoidberg
    you drink bailey's out of a shoe and you got a mangina.
    something else about ted cruz
    you know of a cute little lesbian and you constantly ask the question "how tight is her pussy?"
    You're a master of the chub-and-tuck
    whatsup hila kleiners?
    you donated money to a gofundme to help leafy get that new chin he's always wanted. wee snek
    You call it Snek Island not Love island.
    you love big Marcel.
    0160 manny on the map
    0160 fanny on tap
    yo'ure high 4s fu3k righ#t noww ain;T y@h.
    you call folk a "severe cunt"
    You liked this quiz somehow cos you're a tasteless bastard.
    Hey, that's pretty good.


You have an incredibly low meme to oxygen ratio in your blood. you may be feeling light headed. I'd recommend going to a physician and ask for that dank cush. Or a helpful home remedy, binge watch filthy franku, listen to WE ARE NUMBER 1 for two hrs everyday, and maybe masterbate over or fling excrement at homeless people like a chimpanzee on adderall.

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Take a bow, you classy bastard. the world adores you. you have healthy addiction that you will never have to kick, even if your wife leaves you, takes the kids and fucks off out the country. that just gives you more time to 420, inject heroin and sweet memes, lick jpeg print-outs of lassies eating FAB ice lollies and putting compeed blister plasters on your face to hide your weakass chin. keep it fresh like your crepes, yeah boi

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