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Tuesday, February 14th. The day where you are not allowed to do anything stupid. You know that your girlfriend wishes a great and romantic night for the most famous day of the year for lovers. After the restaurant, you put a film. You both clearly feel that you will not finish it. Then you go into your bedroom. But romantic as you are, you thought about everything. Then you put your phone and put music, but in a random way, Metallica is coming up from your phone. How to avoid this kind of problem? Here are the 10 best music you MUST have in your phone to celebrate the best day of the year (No, Christmas and New Year don’t count).

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1. Kings Of Leon - Sex on Fire

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How can we begin this Top without quoting this famous group who deserves completely his notoriety through this song, Sex on Fire. I know you are humming the lyrics in your mind. This intensity, the vibe, the power of the voice, the drum, well EVERYTHING. You know that after the first 20 seconds of the music, you will see that this song was a good choice. Mmmmmh yeah, this Sex is on fire.....

2. Adam Levine - Lost Stars

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When you see the name of the band, you can imagine that your partner will enjoy any music they made.

This song, Lost Stars, soundtrack of the movie New York Melody, is the last song you hear at the end of the movie, which stories the complicated relation between a girl and her boyfriend, become famous through her girlfriend’s songs. A love story, so it is perfect for you. A must have.

3. Coldplay - Charlie Brown / Via Giphy

The first songs had a title linked with love, hope, and joy. Now, well…. This is different. But it doesn’t change the beauty of the song! And the band, come on…. COLDPLAY guys ! Of course, they also have other beautiful songs, like The Scientist, Magic or Viva la Vida but Charlie Brown has this move, this impact so strong in you that you can’t stay in your bed and doing nothing if you’re listening to this music. If you don’t like this one, Paradise is the best option.

4. Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore

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This new artist, famous thanks to his song See You Again, written for his best friend and used for the movie Fast and Furious 7 as a memory for Paul Walker’s death, one of the main character of the saga.

The best point in this music is the calm, the relaxing effect and the beautiful collaboration with Selena Gomez, who brings a sweet and sensual voice at this song. A beautiful duo, which means a beautiful song for both of you.

5. The Weekend feat. Daft Punk - I Feel It Coming

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That is the best link we can put between two songs. Due to the recent relationship between Selena Gomez and Abel Tesfaye, a.k.a The Weeknd, shows that 2 huge voices are made to be together.

This new song, which comes from his new album Starboy, will become one of the best anthems for Valentine’s Day in years. Thanks to a great beat and a hypnotic voice, I Feel It Coming deserves entirely his place in this rank. Oh, I almost forgot: DAFT PUNK wrote, created and is featured in the song. The best musicians of our generation in a loving song, you can’t ask more…

6. Childish Gambino - Redbone

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Maybe you don’t know this guy as his singer’s nickname, but you can recognise him as Donald Glover, actor in the awarded TV series Atlanta, or in Community. This guy is almost perfect as his last album, Awaken, My Love. But one of his songs, Redbone, will captivate you while you are doing something else… I mean you understood what I mean. Always, the voice has a predominant place in it, and you will fall in love of it, promise. Or your partner will.

7. Frank Ocean - Strawberry Swing

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Well, I don’t have more to say here. Just hearing “Frank Ocean” is enough to understand that the song is first of all, perfect, beautiful with romantic lyrics. If you haven’t’ already listened it, put it now. RIGHT NOW.

8. Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

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Don’t be disappointed, please. My boss asked me to put it in here, he loves this music. And I agree with him, you can’t hate this song, especially if you hear it with your girlfriend/boyfriend. If you have already this song in your phone, well then you’re smart. Or a kinky one, I let you choose.

9. George Michael - Careless Whisper

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Another love song, I know. I’m sorry, don’t leave this article, please! For 2 reasons you need to hear this song for this Valentine’s Day: First, Careless Whisper is a beautiful and a powerful song. Secondly, I must pay tribute to the man, the great, the only one, George Michael. Thank you for everything, and for the numerous babies who were born thanks to you.

10. Bruno Mars - Versace on The Floor

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This is it. It is the final moment of the night. You put this song while you are “discovering” both of you. Then the beat drops, just like you. Bruno Mars isn’t nicknamed as the Michael Jackson’s Heir for nothing. Trust me and appreciate the moment, for your partner.

BONUS: Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing and Shaggy - Bombastik

That is my gift for you ! I will not put Let’s Get It On, it is too much known as a stereotype, So I decided that Sexual Healing was good too, and Bombastik is also good for Shaggy’s fan.

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